Wade Cothran | Oct 09, 2020

Five Tips to Impress Your Date with Wine

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People, take heed: few things are more impressive, more impactful, or more romantic than being presented with a well-chosen bottle of vino. Whether it’s brought out alongside a candlelit supper, or simply presented while in front of the TV on an evening in, there’s something delightfully thoughtful and seductive about a superb bottle of wine. 



Maybe this comes down to the colors - beautiful ruby reds, delicate pinks, and sparkling flashes of gold. Maybe it’s the romance that fine wine conjures, with images of French chateaux and artisan winemakers working on their craft. It could come down to the complexities of flavor and aroma on the palate, or the idea of sharing a joint sensory experience with every sip. Whatever the reason for wine’s ineffable romance might be, there’s no getting away from the fact that a decent bottle does a whole lot of heavy lifting when it comes to a successful date!

Now’s where it gets serious: the wine you choose to impress the lucky person in your life has the potential to make a massive impact and can set hearts fluttering and pulses racing like you wouldn’t believe. The problem is, the world of wine can be confusing, bewildering, and intimidating… especially when you’re new to the wine scene! 

Luckily, here at BrüMate, we know all about making a big impression with your wine and glassware. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make our elegant stemless insulated glasses - the perfect flourish for any wine fan! It’s also why we’ve put together five surefire tips to fall back on when you’re looking for that perfect, delicious, and impressive bottle you need for ramping up the romance!

Wine Tip #1: Avoid Mass Produced Value-Size Bottles of Wine

Now, there’s absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong with the wines which are churned out by the tens of thousands. However, they do tend to be a little bit… well, boring. The idea behind such wine companies is to make vino that appeals to the widest possible base. They’re really designed to help out those who don’t really know what they like or want. 

So, our first bit of advice is to avoid the wines you could pick up anywhere, from your average supermarket. They might be fine for drinking alone on a night in with a pizza, or for pouring into your stew… but let’s face it, they aren’t going to paint you as any kind of Casanova. 

Small, independent, quirky, and up-and-coming wineries, on the other hand, are usually going to make a much better impression. Why? Because they have to. Winemaking is a hugely competitive business, and those small fish in the big pond of winemaking have to do all they can to stand out and make a difference. 

Keep an eye out for labels like ‘domaine’ on the bottle (if it’s French) or ‘estate’ (if it’s from anywhere else), as these suggest wines which are made, from vine to bottle, in one location. It’s not a hundred percent foolproof guarantee of quality… but it’s definitely a good starting point. 

Wine Tip #2: If Choosing Champagne, Avoid the Obvious

Following on from our last point - in order to impress, you need to show you’re willing to take risks, stand out from the crowd, and offer something a little more unique and thoughtful than the kind of wine that can be snapped up anywhere for ten bucks. Avoid the obvious, and opt for the underrated hidden gems and those wines which display a more personal touch.

For example, everybody loves Champagne. It’s the sparkling wine that’s the toast of the whole world, and which provides the last word in luxury and decadence. However, everyone also knows that the vast majority of standard non-vintage Champagne kind-of-sort-of tastes the same. As they are designed to do, so you can always have a go-to!

But for a special night, why not look at some of the more interesting and lesser-known alternatives? Blanc de Noirs Champagne, for example, is made from just the black grapes in the classic blend and offers a fruitier, more seductive, and soft set of flavors. Blanc des Blancs, on the other hand, is made from 100% Chardonnay and is crisp and bright and perfect for food pairing. Both are wonderful alternatives to the standard, and show you’ve really thought about your selection for the evening!

Wine Tip #3: Consider the Mood You Want to Set

Like anything else on a date, your selection of wine should really depend on what it is you’re doing, and the kind of mood you want to set. If you’re looking for a date filled with light-hearted fun and frolics, it would be a mistake to pull out the kind of full-bodied and complex Bordeaux or Barolo that’ll have you both feeling pensive and sleepy after a glass or two. In the same sense, a truly romantic evening in front of the fireplace or relaxing by candlelight doesn’t call for a sunny rose wine or a light, dry bottle of Pinot Grigio. Wines have personalities… and you should be making sure that your selection matches the ambiance!

Tip #4: Ask a Wine Store Clerk for Help

We often think of wine store employees as being snooty, difficult to talk to, and condescending. Why? Because this was a stereotype that was established decades ago when the wine world, in general, was typified by this kind of patronizing attitude.

Well, guess what? Things have changed, and they’ve changed in a big way. Wine merchants nowadays are considerably more hip and helpful than ever before, and most wine store employees will be modern wine lovers who’ll only be too happy to help you pick out a bottle. They may even have a tasting table set up to help you make your selection. If you have an idea of what you want, just ask… What’s the worst that could happen?

Tip #5: If In Doubt, Stick With the Classics

This might seem contradictory to the first tips but sometimes you don’t have time to find something quirky. Choosing your wine for your date can be really hard, especially if you’re the kind of person who wanders into a wine store and suddenly finds yourself feeling anxious about the sheer number of options and choices available. 

If you’re in a pinch and need to pick up a bottle pronto (and yes, in today’s world of dating apps and last-minute arrangements, this is more often than not the case) then just do yourself a favor, and stick with the classics. A good bottle of Bordeaux is always going to be a great taste sensation, especially if you’re going to be eating some deeply savory foods like steak or burgers. A white wine from Alto Adige or Rias Baixas is always going to be refreshing on a hot day, and a great way to unwind in the sunshine. Traditional sparkling wines like Champagne or Cremant will always seem luxurious… and the higher-end New World red wines are always going to be nice and easy to drink, and great for matching with a wide array of different foods. 

All that’s left? Make sure your glassware is up to scratch by getting yourself a cool and stylish BrüMate stemless wine glass! Cheers!