Dylan Jacob | Nov 08, 2018

The Best Mimosa Recipe to Try: A Twist on the Classic

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What do you look for in a cocktail? An explosion of flavor on your tongue? Something cool, classical, and sophisticated? Or something which takes you out of your comfort zone, experiments with flavors and textures, and delights the senses one by one? No matter what sort of cocktails you opt for when you’re out and about or celebrating a special day, there’s a drink out there for everybody… and few things bring more satisfaction than mixing up a batch for yourself and your mates, and enjoying the look of surprise and pleasure on their faces as they take that first sip.


Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of cocktail trends come and go. From the austere to the extravagant, and from the all-out wacky to the slick and conservative, the world of cocktails and mixed drinks never ceases to impress and amaze. Right now, the cocktail world is calling out for reinventions of the classics, new ways of looking at old favorites, and vibrant twists on the recipes from yesteryear… and in today’s blog post, we’ve got a real treat for you to enjoy, and one which is sure to put a huge smile on the faces of your guests. That’s right - today, we’re diving head first into the heady world of vodka creamsicle mimosas.


The Joy of Mimosas


A mimosa on its own is a wonderful thing. Its beauty is in its simplicity - a splash of sparkling wine meeting the freshness and zestiness of a quality fruit juice, each component coming together to produce something which is more than the sum of its parts.


The mimosa is also one of only very few cocktails (with the only other exception being the ever-popular Bloody Mary) which works brilliantly at any time of day. Served with breakfast or brunch, it’s the ultimate dash of louche elegance. In the afternoons, it’s a vibrant and delicious pick-me-up. By evening and nightfall, it has transformed once again to become a real party drink, fizzy and full of life, and packed with the kind of fresh flavors that can keep you going until the early hours.



However, despite the undeniable majesty of the classic simple mimosa, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with reinventing the wheel and adding new twists to the old favorite. The vodka creamsicle mimosa is a cocktail that straps a rocket pack to the original cocktail and sends it stratospheric when it comes to flavor and texture. Quite simply, it’s a taste sensation in a glass… and it’ll leave you never looking at the classic in quite the same way again. The best part? This is one cocktail that you can whip up in a matter of seconds, even if your experience in mixology and cocktail making is absolutely zero. What could be better?


How to Make a Vodka Creamsicle Mimosa


The first thing to bear in mind when you’re making any kind of cocktail is this: your cocktail is only really going to be as good as the ingredients you’re using.


As such, when making a vodka creamsicle mimosa, make sure that you’re not just using any old cheap ingredients in the mix - take the time to select a decent vodka (we found that this one works best with classic Russian and Polish vodkas, but there are plenty of great brands and styles out there), squeeze your own fruit juice or opt for a quality juice which is not made from concentrate, and get yourself a proper bottle of sparkling wine… cut-price supermarket bubbly probably isn’t going to deliver the best results (but save your vintage Champagne for another time).



  • 1 part vodka (for ultimate party mimosas, you can choose a ‘whipped’ vodka, which is infused with a delicious creamy flavor)
  • 2 parts fresh orange juice
  • 1 part brut Champagne (or other dry sparkling wine)
  • Orange slice and whipped cream to garnish


  • Pour your vodka into a stylish Brumate champagne flute (which not only looks great but will ensure that your mimosa stays at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last!)


  • Pour the orange juice next, and give a little mix with a cocktail stirrer


  • Top up with chilled Champagne, and garnish with a squirt of whipped cream, and an orange slice


  • Enjoy!


The Best Occasions to Enjoy This Cocktail


One of the great things about this mimosa is that it’s the perfect cocktail for celebrations. A little showier than a regular mimosa, but far from over-complicated or pretentious, it’s a great drink for those fun get-togethers, lunch dates, or girly nights in with your pals.


With a beautiful Brumate stemless glass or insulated tumbler, you can really up the ante when it comes to style and sleekness, and we can’t think of a better combination for when you just want to let your hair down and have some fun!


Variations to Consider


As with any great cocktail, the vodka creamsicle mimosa is just right for variation and experimentation. You can add vodka and whipped cream to all of your classic mimosa versions - try it with grapefruit juice instead of orange (which would make it a vodka creamsicle megmosa), or with peach nectar, making it a supercharged version of the classic bellini. Cranberry juice also works well, as does pomegranate or pear nectar… the possibilities really are as endless as your imagination!



Vodka Creamsicle Mimosa: The Perfect Drink For Those ‘Extra’ Occasions


Well, there you have it - our version of the brilliantly fun, frivolous, and inventive vodka creamsicle mimosa. It’s a lighthearted and breezy kind of drink, and one which you’re sure to love, especially if you’re always on the lookout for those extra details that bring about the magic.


With the brilliantly beautiful and fun range of Brumate products, you can really take your cocktail serving and drinking game to the next level. With stunning designs, top-notch technology for keeping your drinks at the right temperature, and a massive variety of gorgeous items to choose from, we reckon that Brumate and vodka creamsicle mimosas are a marriage made in paradise!