Brenna Miles | Aug 17, 2023

Packing a BrüTank: 7 Cooler Ideas for the Perfect Buildout

Your cooler should keep your favorite drinks and snacks fresh, no matter where your day takes you. The BrüTank (55qt and 35qt) does just that! From chilly fall get-togethers to giggle-packed days with your kiddos, everything you need is at your fingertips with BrüTank.

Wondering what you should pack for your next adventure? Below, you’ll find our favorite BrüTank buildouts and plenty of cooler ideas that you can customize to fit your occasion.

Table of Contents

  1. Perfect Fall Buildout

  2. Iced Coffee Buildout

  3. Camping Trip Buildout

  4. Wedding Day (or Night) Buildout

  5. Girls' Night Buildout

  6. Bonfire Buildout

  7. Day Out With the Littles Buildout

#1. Perfect Fall Buildout

Grab your favorite worn-in flannel and cozy socks—this fall-themed buildout is perfect for any fall get-together! Start by stirring up some iced chai in the removable drink tank. All you need is four boxes of Tazo chai latte, a gallon of milk, and a bit of ice.

Next, add in your favorite brews and beverages, from spiked cider to fall-themed sangria. Of course, don’t forget the snacks! Try adding in some fall-themed goodies such as chips and salsa or even caramel corn. You’ll surely be the best host around with this build.

#2. Iced Coffee Buildout

Long weekend with friends? You need iced coffee. Fall hay ride with the fam? Iced coffee. Office party? I think you know what we’re gonna say. You just can’t go wrong when sipping on creamy coffee with all the fixins’.

This coffee bar buildout is the caffeine lover’s dream. Pour your favorite iced coffee into the drink tank. Then, add your favorite coffee creamers, whipped toppings, and ice to the BrüTank 55qt.

In the dry basket, add some toppings such as chocolate and caramel syrup or even marshmallows. Now, you and your crew can make your own customized iced coffee to enjoy. Cheers to that!

Don’t forget to pour your iced coffee creation into an insulated tumbler like the Toddy 22oz. It’s the best way to keep your iced coffee at the perfect temp as you sip.

#3. Camping Trip Buildout

Nothing says camping like an ice-cold beverage and a hotdog being toasted over the fire. Luckily, this camping trip buildout includes all the ingredients you need to enjoy a fun and relaxing forest getaway.

First, fill the drink tank with your beverage of choice. In this buildout, we’ve gone with our fave Strawberry Arnold Palmer. Next, add some caffeinated drinks to the cooler to help make the most of your time outdoors, or add some frosty sodas to enjoy around the campfire (or something a bit stronger).

The dry rack is the perfect place to put your hot dogs, buns, and toppings. Plus, there’s still plenty of room in the BrüTank 35qt for s’mores ingredients too!

#4. Wedding Day Buildout

Wedding days are b-u-s-y. Having a stocked cooler is the best way to ensure your wedding party stays hydrated throughout the festivities. This wedding day buildout features options that are perfect for the bridesmaids or the groomsmen.

For example, fill your drink tank with your favorite champagne and orange juice for endless mimosas! Or, try mixing up your tried and true Bloody Mary recipe. In the cooler, add some of your favorite hydrating beverages, such as water, coconut water, or even kombucha.

Finally, keep your wedding party from getting hangry by adding some snacks to the dry rack. Take the healthy route by offering yogurt and fruit, or go all out with chips, cookies, chocolate bars, etc. Better yet, ask your girls or guys what their favorites are and stock up accordingly!

#5. Girls’ Night Buildout

Grab your girls and load up “Mama Mia” on the big screen—this Italian-themed buildout screams girls’ night!

You and your gal pals can enjoy bottomless Aperol spritzes from the drink tank by combining Aperol, prosecco, sparkling water, and fresh orange slices. Then, add some more of your favorite bubbly to the cooler.

No girls’ night is complete without tasty treats. In the dry rack, add some charcuterie elements, such as fruits, cheese, meats, and crackers. Don’t worry—your BrüTank will keep it all perfectly chilled for as long as the night lasts.

#6. Bonfire Buildout

Bonfires are the perfect excuse for a s’mores bar! This bonfire-themed buildout not only includes everything you need to build yummy s’mores but also a warm sangria chock full of cinnamon.

In the dry rack of your BrüTank, add your favorite s’mores ingredients, like marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and cookies. Go ahead, get creative—there’s no wrong way to make a s’more!

In the drink tank, simply combine four bottles of your favorite red wine, a half bottle of brandy, and two bottles of apple cider. Finish with apples, pears, oranges, and a couple of cinnamon sticks.

To take your bonfire to the next level, don’t forget your Uncork’d! It’s the best way to keep your ice-cold sangria chilly, even by the warm fire.

#7. Day Out With the Littles Buildout

Heading out to the park? Is it your turn to bring drinks and snacks to the little league field? This buildout is great for the kids!

Fill up the drink tank with ice-cold water and lemons or limes for a refreshing and hydrating addition. In the cooler, throw in some kid favorites like flavored sports drinks or juice.

For snacks, add some yogurt or applesauce pouches to the cooler and cover them with ice to keep them cool. Finally, in the dry rack add some cookies, crackers, or even fruit snacks. Yum!

Pack the Perfect Cooler for Any Adventure With BrüMate

From hosting to toasting, outdoor adventures, and more, the BrüTank can be built for any occasion. Available in both the 55qt and 35qt, we’re sure to have the perfect cooler to fit you. Find your Brü by shopping our coolers today!

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