Alyssa Broussard | Apr 18, 2024

BrüTank vs. Alternative Coolers: What’s the Difference?

Warm weather is coming and that can only mean one thing: more outdoor adventures! Whether you’re heading off on a camping trip or spending the day at the park, having the right cooler to keep your snacks and drinks fresh makes all the difference. Seriously, it’s not something you should skimp on. Imagine having to constantly refill the ice in your cooler or having a full arm day just trying to transport it from your car to your destination.

If you’re in the market for a new cooler, you may be wondering what the difference is between the BrüTank versus all of the other options out there. We want to help you find the cooler that’s right for you, so let’s walk through all of the feature-packed reasons the BrüTank is your best outdoor travel companion.

BrüTank Features vs. Alternatives

Say goodbye to boring coolers that make life harder and hello to the latest and greatest in cooler innovation. Let’s dive into the many ways the BruTank will change your cooler experience for the better. The only thing you have to worry about is what you’re going to pack!

Removable Drink Tank

BrüTank: Have you ever wished your cooler could be a drink dispenser? Whether it’s water or your favorite cocktail, the 2.8-gallon drink tank provides cool sips ready to serve whenever you are. Plus, you won’t need to unload your cooler every time you want a drink with the easy access of the built-in tap.

Simply want to store your cans and snacks? The drink tank can be easily removed for extra space when you need it most.

See the BrüTank in action

Alternatives: Other cooler alternatives don’t offer a removable drink tank with a tap. It’s a game changer for tapping into sips for your whole crew or having the option to remove the tank for more hard cooler storage.

Puncture-Resistant All Terrain Wheels

BrüTank: The BrüTank is made to enhance your adventures, not impede them. Our puncture-resistant wheels travel effortlessly over any terrain (yes, even sand). Say goodbye to strenuously pushing or pulling a cooler through the sand and hello to a travel-friendly cooler.

Don’t take it from us – the all-terrain wheels ranked #1 across the competition by “The Strategist.

Alternatives: Not all BrüTank alternatives have wheels, making this a no-brainer. Most of the alternatives with wheels face the risk of being punctured in the woods or having to be dug out of the sand every few feet.

Foam Bench Top

BrüTank: Having a sturdy and comfortable place to sit and relax is a vital part of any experience, especially if you’re enjoying some time off the grid. The BrüTank combines hydration and practicality into one cooler. The foam bench top provides a comfortable sitting surface that you can confidently use without fear of the lid caving in.

Alternatives: While several alternatives offer the flat top of the cooler to sit on, or an option to purchase a padded top separately, the BrüTank offers it all in one with best-in-class EVA foam padding already built-in.

All the Accessories

BrüTank: The BrüTank is already feature-packed with a built-in bottle opener and 7+ day ice retention but we know that doesn’t make it custom to you. Each adventure, whether it’s a day on the water or a family barbecue, comes with its own needs. Our accessories are designed to enhance each one.

For an extra place to store your favorite tumbler, try the BrüTank cup holder. If you need an extra hand during a fishing outing, check out our rod holder. We even have a water filtration kit that you can pop into your drink tank if you’re grabbing water from the wild.

Alternatives: You’ll find a wide variety of cooler accessories on the market. But when looking at the cooler itself, is it as feature-packed as a Brü?

2 Sizes

BrüTank: With a 35qt and 55qt option, you can choose which BrüTank best fits your adventure needs. Not sure which to choose? Consider the following:

  • Portability: How are you getting from point A to point B? For shorter treks + more compact vehicle space, opt for the 35qt.

  • Space: What needs to go in the cooler? Opt for the 55qt when you need more room - for long weekends, big hosting events, etc. For smaller picnics and events, opt for the 35qt.

Pro Tip: Not sure what cooler is best for you? Check out our cooler buying guide!

Alternatives: Popular alternatives offer size options as well. We recommend considering how travel-friendly they might be.

On-trend Patterns + Colors

BrüTank: You can always count on BrüMate to offer the on-trend patterns + colors of your dreams, no matter your aesthetic. From warm neutrals to vibrant color pops, there’s a Brü for every style. Plus, you can rest easy knowing it won’t fade.

Alternatives: Sure, sometimes other coolers offer fun colors, but alternatives are prone to discoloration, chipping, or fading. Since you’ll be bringing it along on every outdoor adventure, exposed to a variety of elements, you’ll want to choose something resilient.

BrüTank vs. Alternatives: Which is Best for You?

We’ve gone through the key differences between the BrüTank and popular alternatives. The BrüTank has a removable drink tank with a built-in tap, a foam seat bench, puncture-resistant all terrain wheels, and offers 7+ days of ice retention. If that’s not enough, you also have the option to purchase unique accessories custom to your needs.

Enhance Your Outdoor Adventures with the BrüTank

BrüMate offers the most-feature packed coolers on the planet. Why settle for anything less? Check out our cooler assortment today!