Skye Sonnega | Jan 04, 2022

Small Businesses to Support During Black History Month

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BrüMate wouldn't be what we are today without the trailblazing work of Black entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re donating $15,000 to Black Girl Ventures an organization that was created to help founders sustain their businesses and create generational wealth. In addition, we’re celebrating Black History Month by spotlighting some of our favorite BIPOC-owned brands and businesses within our community. 


Harlem Hops | @harlemhops

harlem hops.

Harlem Hops is the first craft beer bar in Harlem that is fully owned by African Americans. Owners Kevin Bradford, Kim Harris, and Stacey Lee shared a collective vision for starting a craft beer bar in a neighborhood where good beer was hard to find. The beers they serve you can’t just find anywhere. Many of the beers you can find at Harlem Hops are local, small-batch, family owned, or made by people of color. 


Creating a beer bar in Harlem wasn’t just about making unique beer more accessible, it was about investing in the community, one sip at a time. Learn how to support Harlem Hops here


MUKA | @mukaishome 

muka is home.

MUKA works to close the minority home buying gap by connecting minority home buyers with minority realtors. Founder Jantrice Johnson aims to increase the black home owner rate by normalizing black home ownership. By creating an online, supportive community, MUKA is changing the game in real estate for black homeowners and realtors. Follow along on Instagram, or learn how to join the community here


This Chick Talks Beer Podcast | @thischicktalksbeer

this chick talks beer.

Cholanda ( created the podcast “This Chick Talks Beer” as a place to amplify black voices in the craft beer and podcast industry. “This Chick Talks Beer” is all about drinking awesome beer as a black woman, while also getting people to understand that the oppression of black people isn’t a trend. Above all, Cholanda finds hope and inspiration in young black people who are finding their voice. Learn how to support Cholanda and more black-owned businesses and breweries here


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