Wade Cothran | Jan 22, 2021

A Fresh Take on Insulated Drinking Glasses for 2021

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When it comes to your favorite beverage, whether a hot cup of cocoa or an ice-cold glass of white wine, the drinking vessel can make all the difference. If you're in the market for a new insulated drink glass, there are tons of reliable, stylish, and affordable options out there that you should consider exploring. 


Whether you’re looking for something you can use by the pool, at the park, or at work, let’s take a look at our lineup of the best insulated drink glasses and tumblers for 2021. 

Here’s a look at the list if you want to skip ahead: 

The Best Double-Walled Tumbler for Keeping Drinks Ice Cold

BrüMate’s Imperial Pint is a durable double-walled tumbler that’s guaranteed to keep your drink ice cold. With vacuum insulation, a slidable spill-resistant lid, non-slip bottom, and made from stainless steel, this tumbler has all you need for you to enjoy your drink anywhere. 

Plus, it’s available in a variety of both basic colors and stylish patterns. You can personalize your tumbler to your unique style while keeping your drink ice cold for hours. 





  • Keeps drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for four hours
  • Slidable, splash-proof lid that keeps out bugs and debris
  • Never collects condensation 
  • Versatile design allows you to use the Imperial Pint as a cocktail glass, pint glass, travel tumbler, or cocktail shaker (shaker attachment sold separately)
  • Tapered, stainless-steel design fits in every cupholder 
  • Non-slip base to stay steady on uneven surfaces

The Best Insulated Cocktail Tumblers for Taking Drinks on the Go

If you’re ready to say good-bye to warm, watered-down cocktails, then put down the glass and reach for BrüMate’s MargTini. With its unique shape and insulated design, and a variety of attractive finishes, the MargTini is great for every outing, whether it's date night with your partner or game night with friends. 





  • 10-ounce liquid capacity
  • Slidable, splash-proof lid that keeps out bugs and debris
  • BevGuard™ technology guarantees your drinks stay ice-cold and refreshing without the metallic aftertaste other stainless steel products often have

The Best Insulated Cup for Sipping on Wine

Double-walled insulation from BrüMate’s Uncork’d XL wine tumbler helps ensure that your wine stays at the perfect temperature. And, with chic finish options, it's a luxurious choice for those that want to enjoy their favorite vino. 

From nights around the campfire to a day on the golf course or anywhere else your adventures take you, keep your wine at the ideal temperature and always stay properly “hydrated.” 





  • Holds over a half-a-bottle of wine — at 14 ounces, you can drink more and refill less
  • Keeps drinks cold for nine or more hours, and hot for about three hours (hello, hot mulled wine!)
  • Shatter-proof, clear lid so you can see when it’s time for a refill

The Best Insulated Drinkware for the Refined Whiskey Connoisseur

If you demand the best taste from your whiskey but require a tumbler as stylish as you, then look no further than the BrüMate’s NOS’R insulated whiskey tumbler. With this versatile insulated tumbler, you can sip all day while keeping your whiskey at the perfect temperature. With a nice sized opening in the lid and an extra-thin rim for those going lid-less, it delivers the perfect amount of whiskey with every sip. 




  • Easy to hold tulip shape
  • Enjoy your drinks without worry thanks to the stainless steel finish and durable design
  • Spill-proof lid that keeps even the jumpy-iest, dance-iest drinker’s beverage contained
  • Superior aeration specially designed to highlight and enhance whiskey complexities and aromas

The Best Insulated Cup for Keeping Your Champagne the Perfect Temperature

Brunch mimosas aren’t complete without the perfect insulated champagne flute. Able to hold twice the amount of a regular glass flute, this insulated alternative provides double the fun, while keeping your champagne cold and bubbly.

Its twistable-flippable lid keeps your clothes safe from stains, while a wide array of colorful and eye-catching finishes show off your personal flair. Whenever you’re popping a cork, make sure the BrüMate Champagne Flute is within arm’s reach.




  • Holds 12 ounces of champagne or sparkling wine, double the amount of a regular flute
  • Keeps beverages 20 times colder than a normal glass, while retaining five times the carbonated bubbles
  • Dozens of sleek finishes and colors available to increase your style points

Keep Your Drinks Cold to the Last Drop

There are so many options for insulated drinking glasses to choose from that we recommend first think about the type of drinking you do, where you do it, and what you drink. This can affect things like capacity, functionality, style, and other things that help highlight a beverage’s best qualities (while making your day easier).

Now that you know a little bit more about the best insulated drinking options, you can make a more informed decision on which type is right for you. Regardless of what you’re drinking in 2021, whether for work or play, keep these options in mind to make sure your drink stays cold to the last drop—and then some. 

Because we have so many different types of products — from all kinds of tumblers to can coolers to backpack coolers and beyond — we know you’ll find the perfect option for you or that special someone.