Wade Cothran | Jun 24, 2021

Best Alcohol Gifts for Dad, This Father’s Day

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Dads of all kinds enjoy one day a year that's all about them, and it’s quickly approaching. That’s right -- Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you might be rushing to find the best gift for a dad who enjoys throwing a few back. 

Thankfully, there are several alcohol-related gift ideas (even for a dad who has everything) that he’s sure to enjoy. From avid sports enthusiasts to physical fitness fanatics to beach-goers who aren’t afraid to show off their dad bod and beyond, it’s time to celebrate poppas of all types with the proper present.

So make sure he has everything he needs to enjoy his favorite beer, wine or cocktail on this special occasion. Here are the best alcohol gifts for dad this Father’s Day.  

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1. A Hopsulator TRIO




From summer nights spent grilling out to days spent on the golf course, a dad who enjoys his activities needs a type of drinkware that keeps his beverage cold throughout the fun. Whether he’s a sports fan, garage guy, lawn-care junkie or anything else, warm drinks just slow him down. That’s where BrüMate’s Hopsulator TRíO comes in handy. 

This Father’s Day tumbler is a versatile, adaptable drinking device that fits your dad’s favorite 16oz and 12oz cans as a can cooler, and with one quick switch, turns into a pint glass. Paired with the new BevLock™ lid, he gets the added bonus of a leak-proof drinking device so he can enjoy his beverage without spilling on his shirt.


2. A Craft Beer Club Subscription


craft beer club subscription


For the brewmaster dad, hit him with a subscription to the Craft Beer Club. With this, he gets a hand-selected batch of beers from breweries around the country. Pick from monthly, bi-monthly or yearly subscriptions, and everything in between. If they have a preference for hoppy IPAs, strong lagers or smooth stouts, they’re sure to enjoy this unique alcohol-based gift.

And remember, all of dad’s craft brews stay colder served in a BrüMate Hopsulator Bott’l. It keeps his favorite US-12oz bottled beers at the perfect temperature all day and night. And, you can choose from a variety of colors that match his personality, from manly matte black to a suave walnut wood finish and so many more.


3. A Bottle of Good Whiskey




Cocktail connoisseurs will love a good bottle of whiskey to sip on through the Father’s Day festivities (and then some). In terms of a gift, you can’t go wrong with a choice product like with Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon. This has a smooth but flavorful profile, intertwined with brown sugar, oak, toffee and anise. 

It’s a great bourbon that’s tasty and not over-the-top expensive. For those dads that prefer rye whiskey, check out prohibition-era Templeton Rye Barrel Strength. Matured in flame-charred oak barrels and then filtered and bottled at 57.2% ABV, find notes of spice and black pepper, as well as fruits and butterscotch. 

Not sure which type of whiskey is for him? Read up on eight fun facts about fine whiskey and narrow down your list. 

Don’t forget to round-out your gift with a new nosing glass for dad. The NOS’R from BrüMate is the latest and greatest way for him to enjoy his favorite whiskey, whether it’s bourbon, rye or scotch. Plus, it features a classic tulip shape and its durable construction ensures it keeps up with wherever life takes him. For the ultimate gift set, pair the NOS’R with matching Ice Spheres, specially designed to deliver the perfectly chilled drink out of his new nosing glass, every time.


4. A Growl’r and Imperial Pint Set


Growlr and Pint Set with Father


If dad is looking for a new way to supply drinks for the whole party, consider getting him this gift set with our brewery-approved Growl’r paired with his new favorite pint glass, the Imperial Pint. He gets 64oz of capacity to hold his favorite draft beer or other beverage, and the perfect vessel with which to deliver it down the hatch. 

The Growl’r has chilling power for up to 48 hours thanks to its triple-insulated design, while the versatile Imperial Pint gives him a cocktail glass, pint glass, travel tumbler and cocktail shaker (with available shaker attachment) all in one.


5. BrüMate’s BackTap Cooler


father with backtap


You may be struggling to come up with a gift idea -- after all, what do you get dads that have everything? Well, he likely doesn’t have something as fun and functional as a backpack cooler like BrüMate’s BackTap. This is the world’s first stainless-steel lined, leak resistant backpack cooler that can pour beer straight from the tap (or carry all your favorite canned brews!)

It fits comfortably on the back while still holding three gallons of dad’s favorite drink. That equals a dozen 12oz beers, 14 slim cans or five bottles of wine. He’s sure to be the life of the party with this father’s day gift idea, whether throwing a backyard barbecue or fishing with friends.

6. A New Tumbler That Matches Their Team’s Colors


tailgating with team beer


Dads that live for game day are sure to appreciate a gift that matches their favorite team’s colors. From the Super Bowl to the Rose Bowl to the Indy 500, there’s no skipping the tailgate when the year’s big event comes around. 

As such, consider giving him a tumbler this Father’s Day so he can show his team pride. Just look to BrüMate’s Tailgating Collection, crafted specially for the pregame. 

The Hopsulator DUO, for instance, is the only triple-insulated 12oz can cooler that doubles as a tumbler. For those that prefer to sip out of a slim can, take a look at our Hopsulator Slim that works flawlessly with beverages like White Claw, Truly, Michelob Ultra, Red Bull and many more. Or, keep warm through overtime with the BrüMate Toddy, which holds everything from hot toddies to spiked hot chocolate.


7. A Bottle of Local Craft Vodka


Barr Hill Vodka


For dad’s that prefer something stronger, a nice bottle of vodka will be a great addition to his liquor cabinet. There are so many great vodkas to choose from, so which should you pick? A local, craft variety is sure to please. 

Try something like the Vermont-made Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Vodka, that’s uniquely distilled with raw honey, rather than traditional potato or grain. For a classic top-shelf option, check out Idaho-made Zodiac Vodka, one of the finest potato-based vodkas money can buy.

Give dad the perfect way to enjoy his new bottle of vodka (and share it) with a set of cocktail glasses that work as hard as he does. With BrüMate’s Rocks Gift Set, he gets two 12oz insulated tumblers that keep drinks perfectly chilled. 

Plus, enjoy the added Liquor Canteen that’s more of a fashion statement than a flask. Modeled after WWII gasoline cans, the vintage design is bound to impress the rough-and-tumble old man. 


8. A Cocktail Delivery Kit


Father with margtini


If dad prefers to sip his drinks from the comfort of his own home, then a cocktail delivery kit may be the best gift for him this Father’s Day. There are a ton of great cocktail subscription services to choose from, where your dad receives a box filled with the liquors, mixers and other necessary ingredients to whip up a delicious bartender-crafted recipe.

When his package arrives, make sure he’s prepared with the proper MargTini Gift Set, featuring two BrüMate 10oz Martini Tumblers and a stainless-steel Shaker Pint to brew his favorite concoctions.


9. A Nice Bottle of Wine




A dad with a flair for the finer things in life may prefer a bottle of his favorite red or white. For something out of the ordinary, explore one of many boutique wineries like Langtry Farms Vineyard and Winery, with a product lineup of sophisticated yet affordable bottles. 

A different, bolder choice comes from Napa-based Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. With a sizable collection, their wines encapsulate the valley in which they’re produced, and strike a balance between richness, elegance, softness and structure. 

Give dad an equally classy way to enjoy his new bottle of vino with a Winesulator Gift Set from BrüMate. With this package, he receives not one but two Uncork’d XL 14oz Wine Tumblers, as well as a 25oz Winesulator that fits a full bottle of wine and keeps it cold for 24 hours. Now, dad won’t be restricted by glass-free zones, whether camping or lounging beachside. 


10. An Insulated Hot Toddy Mug


Father with hot toddy


The final alcohol related gift for dad provides boozy warmth that he’s sure to enjoy. An insulated Toddy Mug keeps his drinks hot, while its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable sipping experience. 

Its leak-proof lid keeps his favorite beverage -- from hot toddies to apple cider to buttered rum and more -- contained until the very last drop. The Toddy also works great for dads who are fueled by coffee during long days at the office.


Cheers to you, Dad!


hopsulator duo dad


Now that you have more than a few ideas on what to buy for dad, there’s no need to panic now that Father’s Day is a few days away. Just look at any of the above options to find an item that he’s sure to cherish for a long time to come. He may even let you enjoy a sip or two of his present alongside him -- cheers to all of the dads out there!

Searching for more? Check out other great gift ideas for dad by browsing our full Father’s Day Gift Guide. Or, visit brumate.com today to explore our extensive line of drinkware products and accessories that are shipped fast.