Wade Cothran | May 11, 2021

8 Bachelor Party Tumblers That Make Great Party Favors

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The big day is almost here, but first, a celebration of another kind – the bachelor party. Whether you’re for partying for a single night or have planned a destination trip, don’t forget to bring the perfect gift for your groomsmen. Something functional, stylish and practical will make the perfect gift – let’s explore a few tumblers that make great party favors.

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What Makes a Great Bachelor Party Favor? 

As the groom, you’re likely preparing for an exciting celebration with your future spouse. One of the first things you likely did was plan the bachelor party. Make sure you have all your bases covered with the ideal party favor for your best man, groomsmen and ushers. 

What exactly makes a great bachelor party favor? A gift from the heart may be more meaningful, while something humorous could have you and your group in stitches. There’s no wrong or right, simply try to appeal to the personalities within your wedding party. At the end of the day, the best approach may be to get your groomsmen something practical. This way, you’re sure to provide them with something they’ll use beyond the bachelor party.

Who Buys Bachelor Party Favors and Who Receives One?

Every wedding is unique, but traditionally the groom buys bachelor party favors and either personally delivers the gifts (or has the best man do it) to their wedding party and other potential attendees of the bachelor party -- a spouse’s dad, soon-to-be brother-in-law, and others. How much you decide to spend on your bachelor party favors is entirely up to you. But, remember, your friends and family are taking a lot of time out of their lives to celebrate your wedding, so show them you appreciate it.

8 Bachelor Party Tumblers That Make Great Party Favors

Something functional, stylish and practical like a tumbler is the perfect party favor. Almost everyone can benefit from a high-quality, insulated mug. Plus, it gives you a great way to help the beer, wine and spirits flow during your last big blowout. Let’s take a look at some popular options from BrüMate that are sure to impress your crew.

1. Our Hopsulator Trio For All the Beer You Can Drink




Go round for round with your groomsmen by picking up a few Hopsulator Trios.  This three-in-one combination gives you a versatile can-cooler that fits your favorite 16oz cans, a 12oz adapter and a pint glass. All in one package. For beer lovers, it’s a gift that simply can’t be beat.

2. Our Hopsulator Bott’l For the Glass Bottle Fans




Those who prefer their brews fresh out of the bottle, consider the Hopsulator Bott’l. This bottle cooler is guaranteed to keep all of your favorite domestic 12oz bottled beers at the perfect temperature throughout the whole party. 

3. Our Imperial Pint Beer Tumbler For Beer Straight Out of the Keg




From the latest craft beers to cheap domestic alternatives, tap the keg and line up with BrüMate’s Imperial Pint beer tumbler. This bachelor party favor is sure to keep your beer fresh, chilled and carbonated for hours on end.

4. Our 64oz Growl’r For Your Favorite Craft or Homebrew Beer




The ultimate gift for enjoying a favorite craft or homebrew beer, the 64oz Growler has the capacity to satisfy the thirst of every groomsman. Featuring triple insulation, you can keep your beer cold for the duration of your big event.

5. Our Liquor Canteen for Taking This Party Out on the Town




From camping trips to boating excursions to sporting events, those planning a destination bachelor party should bring along the go-anywhere Liquor Canteen. This discreet yet fun insulated flask allows you and your friends to sip spirits without drawing attention. 

6. Our Toddy Insulated Mug for the Winter Bachelor Party




Whether you’re planning an ice fishing excursion, ski outing or something else, make sure your winter-themed bachelor party is a success with the Toddy insulated mug. Keep warm and cozy while you’re living in the moment.

7. Our Rocks Glass for the Classy Cocktail Fans




If your friends could use a little classing up, consider the Rocks Glass from BrüMate. This is the perfect tumbler to enjoy mixed drinks out of, while keeping it ice cold and preventing watered-down cocktails.

8. Our Insulated Champagne Flute for Popping the Bubbles




Champagne is a must-have beverage at every wedding. Make sure your groomsmen are prepared with the insulated Champagne Flute, guaranteed to keep your champagne cold and bubbly.

Enjoy Your Last “Taste” of Freedom!

Now that you have some great gift ideas for your bachelor party, you can enjoy your last “taste” of freedom without worry. For other bachelor party favors, browse BrüMate’s store to find the right option for your wedding.