Wade Cothran | Oct 22, 2021

Best Alcoholic Drinks by Zodiac Sign

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Bored of ordering the same drink at every bar? Want a new cocktail creation to try at home? No need to stress. Today, we look to the stars to help make the decision process easier. That's right, your zodiac sign isn't only for explaining your personality. In this blog we list the best alcoholic drinks by zodiac sign to help spark some inspiration.


Whether you are a skeptic or a believer in the power of the zodiac, stick around to learn which drink to choose based on your sign. You never know, you may find your next favorite! 

Remember to drink responsibly, friends. Use these links to navigate the guide:


Aries: Shots

To complement their brave, ambitious, and reckless personality, Aries people should take a shot of something clear. No wasting time with delicate cocktails for easy sipping, toss it back with an assertive shot. 


To make sure hard liquor isn’t the only thing you’re consuming, use the ReHydration bottle to stay hydrated during a night of drinking. Choose Hydration Mode or Party Mode by filling the 25 oz canteen with water, then using the 1.5oz cap as a shot glass. The straw-lid makes this bottle perfect for sipping on-the-go, and will keep your liquids at the perfect temperature. 


Taurus: Mimosas

Taurus signs are some of the most reliable of the zodiac. They are practical, realistic, and love to be surrounded by romance and beauty. To satisfy their simple but classy nature, a mimosa is a great choice for any Taurus sign. An expensive champagne paired with the tang of fresh orange juice is sure to please any Taurus’ taste buds.


Gemini: Aperol Spritz 

Gemini signs are curious and adaptable, and no doubt will be following all of the latest trends before anyone else knows about them. Geminis also notoriously have a playful side that is balanced with being internally anxious and judgemental. The Aperol Spritz is a trendy drink that will surely meet a Gemini’s needs. 


This drink is tangy, refreshing, and made with a variety of fun ingredients to try. It is the perfect balance between something new and something old–perfect for any Gemini.


Cancer: Red Wine

Cancer signs are often sensitive, and would likely rather stay home than go out on the town. If you are a Cancer who likes to chill in the feels, enjoy a glass of nice red wine to soothe your thoughts. Everything is going to be okay, trust us!

Take at-home wine night to the next level by enjoying a glass by the pool or fire. Enjoy your wine in the Uncork’d Insulated Wine Tumbler to avoid spills and keep your drink fresh. These wine tumblers can fit over half a bottle of wine, and include a splash-proof lid so that you can wear that white sweater without worry!

person enjoying wine by fireplace.


Leo: Fireball Ginger Ale

Leo signs serve the “main character” energy. Theatrical, passionate, and bold, these sun signs love to have a good time. Channel your inner Leo diva with a Fireball Ginger Ale cocktail. This mixie is the perfect combination of bold, refreshing and unique. Strut the imaginary red carpet and sip on this spicy cocktail.


Virgo: Espresso Martini 

Work hard and no play, this is the rut that Virgos often find themselves in. Virgos are meticulous, thoughtful, and always direct. For all of our hardworking virgos, we recommend sipping on a delicious espresso martini. No frills or extra additives, keep it simple and classy with this elegant drink. 

Making your ‘tini at home? Use the MargTini Tumbler to host your delectable concoction. This `10 oz cocktail tumbler features BrüMate BevGuard™ Technology to keep your drink irresistibly fresh. Plus, the splash proof lid ensures none of your drink ends up on the ground!


Libra: G & T’s

Libra signs cherish harmony and balance, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that, even if sometimes it is detrimental. Satisfy your Libra need for harmony with a classic Gin and Tonic. A perfect balance of strong, refreshing, and a little sweet, it’s almost like Gin and tonic water were meant to be together! 

Enjoy your G&T on the rocks in a 12 oz Rocks Tumbler. This tumbler is a fresh take on your traditional cocktail glass and features special anti-dilution technology so that you never have to worry about watered down drinks again.

person pouring liquor into tumbler.


Scorpio: Scotch on the Rocks

Scorpio signs are assertive, passionate, and sexual. To compliment this strong combination of personality strengths, Scorpio signs can enjoy a scotch on the rocks. These drinks are a little sweet but still pack a punch, perfect for an intense, fiery Scorpio.


Sagittarius: Tequila Sunrise

The Sagittarius signs are curious and lively, and often have no boundaries to their abundance of optimism and excitement. Because of this, a Tequila Sunrise and a Sagittarius may be a match made in heaven. A refreshing and sweet Tequila Sunrise inspires the exact adventure that a Sagittarius is looking for. 

If a Tequila Sunrise is your drink of choice, use the Imperial Pint to create your tasty beverage. This 20 oz tumbler is ideal for both beer and spirits, and can double as a cocktail shaker (parts sold separately)! Take your tumbler anywhere you please without the worry of condensation, dilution, or your drink becoming stale.

man making cocktail at home bar.


Capricorn: Vodka Soda

Like their Virgo friends, Capricorn signs are often straight-forward and responsible. They are known for being planners, and have impeccable self control. If you are a Capricorn, you may enjoy a Vodka Soda. This simple yet refreshing drink is exactly what a Capricorn may need to kick back and relax.


Aquarius: Tequila Soda

Aquarius signs are the game changers. They are often free-spirited creatives looking to make an impact on the world around them. Unfortunately, this may cause them to stray from their close relationships and immediate wellbeing. Because of this, they may be prone to overthinking situations because their attention is elsewhere. 


If you are an Aquarius, you’re in luck! We have the drink for you. Consider keeping it simple with a refreshing tequila soda (with lime of course!). Life is too short to overthink, let’s get back to the basics.

women cheers-ing their tumblers.


Pisces: Rosé

Ah, the Pisces sign. Incredibly compassionate and romantic, Pisces signs excel at forming meaningful relationships with others. If you are a Pisces, you may enjoy a glass of Rosé to complement your whimsical personality. 

We hope that whatever you choose to believe in, this drink guide helps you find your next go-to beverage. Need a tumbler to heighten your drinking experience? Visit the BrüMate bestsellers to find your match.