Wade Cothran | Jul 01, 2021

The 10 Best Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Cocktails

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It’s time for the grand-daddy of all summer holidays! That’s right, Independence Day is right around the corner. And as a celebration of everything great about America, make sure you have all the essential ingredients to mark the special occasion. Fireworks, American flags, food to grill, and of course, delightfully themed cocktails are sure to provide you with a memorable experience.

So, whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue with friends or heading into town to enjoy the festivities, here are the best red, white and blue 4th of July cocktails that you should definitely consider mixing up.

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1. 4th of July Pop Rocks Martini




Kick back with this blue cocktail concoction, featuring a mixture of lemon-lime soda, watermelon vodka, and tasty Blue Curaçao. Create a truly mouthwatering drink by covering the rim of your glass with a hefty amount of Pop Rocks candy. It’s sure to start the party in your mouth.

Pair this fantastic drink recipe with BrüMate’s MargTini 10oz Tumbler, and sip on this beverage all day long. Designed to replicate the design and function of normal margarita/martini glasses, you get a slim-rim design with the added insulated protection of double-walled steel. From parties at the park to the lake to downtown, this goes where glass doesn’t.

Get the full recipe here


2. Red, White, and Blue Wine Spritzer




For something refreshing on a hot July day, look to this red, white and blue wine spritzer recipe. Simply mix simple syrup, tonic water, and your favorite bottle of dry white wine in a pitcher. Include a mix of fresh berries and a mint garnish, and you’ll have a light beverage to sip on through the fireworks finale and beyond. 

Enjoy this USA-themed spritzer out of your new BrüMate Uncork’d XL insulated wine tumbler. With 14oz capacity, equal to more than a half-bottle of wine, and BevGuard™ technology, you receive complete temperature control of your drink all day and night.  

Get the full recipe here


3. Bomb Pop Cocktail Slushie




Bomb Pops are a 4th of July classic -- and with this adults-only alternative, you can revisit the same nostalgic taste of these delicious popsicles. Pick up some vodka, grenadine, and Blue Curaçao to create the red, white, and blue characteristics of bomb pops. Blend with ice and you have a frozen drink that’s fit for the most patriotic of occasions.

Slurp down this slushie out of BrüMate’s 20oz Imperial Pint and enjoy every drop of this ice-cold beverage. With the separate cocktail shaker attachment, it’s pretty easy to shake up this cocktail (or maybe even a few more…) Plus, a steel pint straw gives you the perfect device from which to sip your concoction. Bottoms up!

Get the full recipe here.


4. Watermelon Blueberry Cooler




With the ingredients of watermelon, lemon and topped with vodka, this alcoholic cooler will satisfy during the day and lead to a nice buzz by nightfall. Simply blend pureed watermelon, blueberry vodka, and lemon juice with ice to craft this fruity beverage.

Push the flavor even further by rimming a lowball tumbler, such as one from our Rocks collection, with lemon and dip in sugar. With its traditional yet sleek design, drinking this mix out of a Rocks tumbler lets you keep cool while looking cooler. You won’t be able to resist gulping these down, one after the other. 

Get the full recipe here


5. Red Hot 4th of July Shot




Those with a sweet tooth are sure to love this 4th of July shot. Named after the candy of the same name, this red hotshot is made from a combination of cinnamon schnapps and tequila. Fun, simple and colorful, you may want to bring more than enough for the rest of the party.

Do just that with BrüMate’s Fifth, a 25oz stainless-steel liquor canteen that fits a full fifth of alcohol and offers 24-hour temperature control. Also, you’ll never be without a way to slam a few, since the leak-proof cap conveniently transforms into a shot glass.

Get the full recipe here.


6. Peach and Blue Curaçao 4th of July Cocktail




A cocktail that’s bound to become a regular favorite on any summer holiday -- from Mother’s Day to July Fourth, through Labor Day -- is this rum, peach schnapps, and Blue Curaçao mixed drink. At a parade, barbecue, or fireworks extravaganza, this recipe is sure to help you feel proud to be American.

Make sure you have appropriate drinkware to hold your latest cocktail creation with our 12oz Highball tumbler. You get double the capacity of a standard lowball cocktail glass and a guarantee that your drink won’t become watered down throughout the festivities. And, they come in various shades of the red, white, and blue colors that you love.

Get the full recipe here

7. Smirnoff Blueberry Firecracker 




While bombs burst in the air, give your mouth an explosion of flavor all its own with this Smirnoff blueberry firecracker drink. With some simple, energizing ingredients, including Smirnoff vodka, fresh berries, honey, and lemon juice, you’ll want to keep the party going until dawn’s early light.

To ensure your drink stays at the perfect temperature throughout the celebration, take a look at our Flute tumbler, which keeps drinks cold and carbonated for hours on end. 

Get the full recipe here


8. Red, White and Blue Piña Colada




In the land of the free, home of the brave, we can mix up our drinks as we please. This red, white and blue piña colada provides a level of sweetness that’s almost in excess, with blended ingredients such as strawberry puree, Blue Curaçao, white rum, coconut cream, and whipped cream. 

Try sipping it out of BrüMate’s Imperial Pint. Your slushed patriotic colada will stay icy for 12 hours, even at the height of summer, thanks to the tumbler’s double-insulation design. 

Get the full recipe here.


9. 4th of July Punch




Wave the stars and stripes with one hand and sip on an epic 4th of July rum-punch recipe with the other -- all you need are some easy-to-find ingredients. Combine seedless watermelon, lime juice, ginger, pineapple, club soda, and your favored rum to complete this shareable Independence Day cocktail.

Pour it straight from the tap with a pourable cooler like BackTap from BrüMate. It holds three gallons of your 4th of July punch, is carried comfortably on the back, and delivers your beverage through its built-in spout.

Get the full recipe here


10. Blue Hawaii 




This 4th of July drink with Blue Curaçao will give you tropical vibes and a nice buzz on the upcoming holiday. With three liquors, sweet-and-sour mix, and fresh pineapple, you’ll get something that’s strong yet refreshing. Combine it with ice cubes to craft a more traditional cocktail, or blend it into a slushie to accommodate an extra-steamy Independence Day. 

And, with the appropriate drinkware, you’ll never have to worry about your Blue Hawaiian melting. Pick up a High Ball tumbler from BrüMate to get ultimate temperature control in a fashionable vessel. Find this option in plenty of patriotic-themed colors, as well as other unique finishes, and you’ll be able to knock back a few cocktails in style.

Get the full recipe here


Not a Cocktail Fan? Grab a Summery Beer!




And let’s not forget about the beer lovers out there. Sometimes, a cold IPA, lager, or domestic brew is the only thing you need to beat the heat. To keep the drinking experience a cool one, check out the Hopsulator Bott’l, the world’s top triple-insulated can cooler. 

Get even more chilling power with the Hopsulator Trio’s 3-in-1 technology that fits 12oz and 16oz containers as a can cooler and quickly turns into a 16oz pint glass. You get everything you need to enjoy your go-to cans and bottles, whether import or domestic.

If you need ideas for what to drink out of your new BrüMate, try: 


  • Leinenkugel Summer Shady
  • Miller Highlife
  • Corona
  • Stiegl Radler
  • Saison Dupont
  • Reissdorf Kölsch


Enjoy the Fireworks, Drink in Hand

Now that you’re equipped with some of the best 4th of July cocktail recipes, you’re primed for a fun party on our nation’s holiday. Just whip up one of the many options above and you and your friends are sure to enjoy the entire day of festivities. And, don’t forget a piece of drinkware that will help you show off your patriotism in style. Check out our Red, White and Brü collection and explore our extensive line of tumblers and tumbler accessories.